Simple Interior Designs for Your Living Room

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If you’re that kind of person who wants to have a revamp their living room spaces but doesn’t want the hassle of renovation, accessorizing is the way to go. Tasteful and carefully curated accessories can maximize the look of your space. Just change them according to the season. Many even consult interior designer for a design psychology aspect. Here some of the living room elements you can play around: shelf décor; coffee table centrepieces; table lamps; throw pillows; and area rugs.

Living Room

Shelf Décor

Add more dimension and spark to your shelves by adding in novelty items. Do this by arranging alternately your rows of books and/or CDs with such items. This will cut the monotone look. Options for these fun novelty items are endless. They range from small succulents to wooden block signs. Don’t go too crazy with this idea as you might overstacked one shelf with knickknacks. You and your guests will be able to enjoy all of them if they’re not crowded. Observe balance by keeping things with an even space.

Coffee table centerpieces

Coffee table centerpieces are one of the most overlooked items in the living room space, when in fact, they can either make or break the living room itself. If the centerpiece of that coffee table is tacky, the whole room is no longer consistent. In that vein, we encourage you to have well thought out items, and this includes stylish and eye-catching coffee table centerpieces. Metals and gemstones are current favorites but scented candles remain to be the constant choice as it brings warm light and nice smell.

Table lamps

Table lamps are your go-to accessory for your side table if it’s situated next to the couches. For that modern mid-century style, go for brass or ceramic lamp. You might also want to consider a white lamp with its shade having a bold color like yellow or red to go with your design flair. While we’re at the topic of lights, do also check your chandeliers and statement lighting. The more stylish they are, the more it gives oomph to your living room.

Throw pillows

Everybody loves plush and luxurious throw pillows. When buying throw pillows, consider comfort first. Test them first if they’re comfy when you rest against. Only then you can proceed to check other factors like color and texture if you’re satisfied with its functionality. A major tip we can share is choosing throw pillows that allow you to change its pillowcases. As the season change, so should the pillowcases. You might even want to follow color of the year, so this can really be beneficial on your end.

Area Rugs

This is a design element that can really help your living room bring a pop on its own. Prices for area rugs can be quite too pricey. That’s why a lot of people would want to do a one-time purchase only, or shall we say one-time investment. Having said this, the fun of buying more area rugs to match the season can be quite impractical. How do we go about this? Look at the color scheme of your living room. Make sure that it matches your rug. Area rugs with geometric patterns like herringbone, lattice shapes, and honeycomb are your stylish options.

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